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No More Heroes 3 - What We Know So Far

E3 2019 really did a lot to get gamers talking, and with all of the game announcements made during the event, it was difficult to keep track of everything. But one game in particular stood out among the first person shooters and remakes: No More Heroes 3


The announcement of No More Heroes 3 at E3 was unexpected to say the least. After the lukewarm reception of Travis Strikes Again, most fans thought that was the end for Travis Touchdown. But with this newest installment looking revamped and even better than before, fans are hoping to see much more of their favorite irreverent assassin. 

But with all of the excitement surrounding the announcement, there are still a few questions. So here's everything you need to know about the No More Heroes 3 release date, platforms, story, and trailer.

When will No More Heroes 3 be released?

Luckily, the wait between the announcement of No More Heroes 3 and the actual release won't take years (as is so often the case). Game creator Goichi Suda — better known by his moniker Suda51 — has stated that the game will be released some time in 2020; unfortunately, he didn't specify an exact month.


We're hoping for early 2020, but we'll of course update you should an official release date be announced.

What platforms will No More Heroes 3 be on?

The previous games in the No More Heroes franchise have all been released exclusively on Nintendo platforms, and No More Heroes will be no exception. The newest addition to the franchise will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, and while this does leave other PC and console gamers at a bit of a loss, it's also a great incentive for those holdouts to buy a Switch.


Game developer Suda51 has also hinted that the first two titles in the series could be remastered for the Switch, but as excited as fans are for the possibility of getting No More Heroes 1 and 2 on Nintendo's latest platform, they're also clamoring for Travis Touchdown to be included in the next Smash Bros. lineup. Suda51 is insistent that Travis will not be included in Smash Bros. for the time being, due to the third title being in the works and remasters potentially coming in the future. So all we can do is cross our fingers for Travis's possible inclusion in the Smash Bros. roster in the future, and also hope those rumored remasters are legit.

What is the story for No More Heroes 3?

Meet Travis Touchdown, the foul-mouthed and witty assassin protagonist from the No More Heroes franchise. When players were first introduced to him in the original title, they were met with an Otaku slacker who had just spent his last bit of money in an online auction purchasing a beam katana. Fans have spent numerous games since watching Travis defeat the world's greatest assassins in a Scott Pilgrim-type battle to the death. But what can we expect with this new title in the franchise? 


During E3 2019, Suda51 did an interview with Gamereactor where he elaborated on some of the story for No More Heroes 3. In the previous games in the NMH franchise, players have seen Travis trying to become the ultimate assassin, but Suda51 has said that this new title will show us Travis fighting for something much bigger than himself. "The scale is completely changed," Suda51 said of this new storyline. "[Travis'] life is not the only thing on the line. In fact, there will be much more dire stakes on the line. The scale of the game and the scale of Travis' own personal battle with be much higher and more hardcore."

The mech suit seen in the trailer for the game will also play a significant role in the new title. And Suda51 has said that Travis Strikes Again plot points will make a reappearance in No More Heroes 3; for instance, the Death Glove that Travis obtained in TSA will be a key part of his arsenal in this new game, being integral to taking down his "Thanos-level foes."


Is there a trailer for No More Heroes 3?

A trailer for No More Heroes 3 was released at E3 2019, and it did a great job of pulling a bait and switch on all gamers in attendance. The beginning of the trailer doesn't make it immediately obvious that it's showcasing a No More Heroes game. Instead, many fans of the series were led to believe that the popular show Kamen Rider was getting a game adaptation. With the iconic catchphrase "Henshin" used for Travis to call his mech suit to him, and his scraggly and unshaven appearance masking his true identity, the game's developers made sure to mislead their audience for as long as possible. The mech suit used in the trailer was also a clever form of deception, as many players may not have realized that Travis would be able to bring his mech suit and Death Glove with him from Travis Strikes Again.


The moment Travis Touchdown landed on the alien ship in the trailer and took off the mech suit to reveal everyone's favorite snarky assassin, fans were immediately on board with the new game. The very unexpected use of an expletive in a Nintendo trailer was also enough to garner the attention of everyone who wasn't already familiar with Travis Touchdown and the No More Heroes franchise. Likewise, at The Game Awards 2019, another trailer was released that mislead viewers with an anime-style cartoon. And just like the trailer from E3 2019, it ended with the reveal of Travis Touchdown and yet another expletive. if the formula isn't broken, don't fix it. The assassin with the beam katana and iconic wit is sure to draw in a whole new fan base to join the loyal fans who have been there all along when No More Heroes 3 arrives in 2020.