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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - How To Get The Bird Key

Getting the Bird Key, which unlocks Link's Awakening's seventh dungeon, Eagle Tower, is one of the weirdest quests in the entire game. To start, you'll need to claim the ocarina from the Dream Palace if you haven't already done so. If you need help with that, check our guide. Next, make sure that you have at least 300 rupees in your wallet, and that you've finished the sixth dungeon to get the Powerful Bracelet. 


When you're all equipped, head to the Signpost Maze southeast of Mabe Village. Read the first sign that you come across, then walk in that direction until you run into the next sign. Read the second sign, follow those directions until you hit a third sign, and repeat until a set of stairs appears. Follow them underground, where you'll meet a frog named Maru. For 300 rupees, Maru will teach you the Song of Soul. 

Pay the fee, then head back to Mabe Village. Use your new Powerful Bracelet to push the chicken statue in the town square to the side. Enter the passage that appears and approach the bones on the platform. Play the Song of Soul and bring the legendary Flying Rooster back from the dead.


With the Rooster in tow, return to the Tal Tal Mountain Range, following the same path that you did to reach Angler's Tunnel. At the waterfall, continue east. Climb the first ladder you see, then pivot west. You'll run across a cave with a sliding rock puzzle inside, followed by a room filled with a huge hole. Grab the Rooster and use it to hover to the platform on the other side. The Bird Key should be waiting for you.