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Tales Of Arise - What We Know So Far

Have you heard? The Tales series is getting a new entry, and it's called Tales of Arise. The game was revealed back at E3 2019, and though we don't have a lot of solid details on it just yet, we were able to scrap together some information for you and compile it here.


Keep reading for the skinny on Tales of Arise's release date, trailer, characters, and gameplay. We don't have much to go off of aside from what we saw at E3, but what we did see has looking forward to what Bandai Namco has in store for us.

What is the release date for Tales of Arise?

We don't want to let you down right off the bat, but we're going to have to. Tales of Arise only has a wide release window at this time — 2020 — with no specific date attached to the project.

The good news is that the game looks to be well along in development, which means the chances are good that we won't see Tales of Arise delayed out of 2020 into 2021. But we really can't say at this time when in 2020 Bandai Namco will be releasing the game.


As soon as we know more, we'll fill you in.

Is there a trailer for Tales of Arise?

If you wanted to watch a trailer for Tales of Arise, you've come to the right place. Above, we've embedded the game's reveal trailer from E3, which does a lot to show you the world you'll be inhabiting in Arise and what kind of adventure you'll be taking part in.


Judging by the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio on YouTube, it seems fans of the Tales series are also impressed with what's being shown in the Tales of Arise trailer. So if you want to see what all the fuss is about, click play and watch it for yourself.

Who are the characters in Tales of Arise?

At this early stage, we only know of two characters who will appear in Tales of Arise; fortunately, those characters appear to be the main protagonists. There is a man, Alphen, and a woman, Shionne.

And don't you worry one bit: it seems there will be plenty of tension between the two characters. It seems Tales of Arise takes place in a universe with two very different worlds: Dahna and Rena. And it appears the people of Rena are technologically superior to the people of Dahna, and thus treat the people of Dahna like garbage.


Alphen is from Dahna. Shionne is from Rena. It looks as though there are some fireworks in our future. Hopefully the storytelling lives up to our expectations.

What is the gameplay like in Tales of Arise?

It's tough to tell right now what the gameplay will be like in Tales of Arise. Will it use a battle system similar to other Tales titles? Will it do something completely new and innovative? Your guess is as good as ours.


We do know that Arise will keep some of the same battle system in place, however. So if you're a fan of the Linear Motion Battle System found in other Tales games, you shouldn't get too lost when it comes time to fight. Aside from that, however, we won't know how much has changed from the last Tales project until Arise comes out in 2020.