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'Important Cosmic Jobs' DLC Coming To Trover Saves The Universe

Creator Justin Roiland wants you to know, above all else, that the DLC coming to Trover Saves the Universe is free. In his words on the Playstation Blog: "All of it's free! Hours of new content for FREE! FREE! FREE! (unless you don't own the game, in that case you'd have to buy the base game and then this DLC would be FREE!!)."


This very-much free DLC — entitled Important Cosmic Jobs — will be available (for free) on October 8th. And what are those important cosmic jobs, exactly? The DLC amounts to a scavenger hunt with less sword-swinging than the base game demands. In a "less depressing" take on the workplace (Roiland's words), players will get to meet Trover's colleagues and bosses, who are all varying levels of crazy. It's suggested that you complete Trover's adventure in saving the universe first before chilling out at his workplace in the DLC.

Justly described as a "bizarre comedy adventure," the DLC delves into the strange in a laid back, exploratory kind of way that is apparently inspired by getting free samples at the grocery. Again, in Roiland's words: "I can't believe we did this for free. What was I thinking?! How are we supposed to make more games if we don't tap any kind of revenue stream. This was a huge mistake. I based the whole marketing campaign on free food samples though, so I feel good about that at least."


Trover Saves the Universe is the ultra-strange PlayStation 4 and PSVR game from the twisted mind of Roiland, a Rick & Morty co-creator. You (the player) and the titular Trover traverse the universe in search of your kidnapped pups, which some creepy bird has stored in his eye sockets. Yikes. The game functions as an interactive way for Roiland and his buddies to make weird jokes in weird voices, which people love. The game has received largely positive reviews.