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Apex Legends: Keys Are Now Dropping For Those Mysterious Loot Vaults

Season 3 of Apex Legends didn't just bring a whole new map to Respawn's battle royale shooter; it brought a whole new map filled with secrets. Like those locked vaults containing top-tier loot: what's with those? We're now starting to find out, as keys are dropping inside Apex Legends that can unlock the vault doors.


According to early reports, it appears the keys have a chance to drop from the drones that fly around Apex Legends' new map. Should you down one of those drones and be lucky enough to locate a red vault key (like the one pictured above), you can take it to one of three vault locations on the map in order to gain access to the vault and the loot contained within. At this time, vaults are located in the following areas: the Train Yard, the Geyser, and Lava City.

And how is that loot? To put it simply, spectacular. We've included a clip below of YouTuber Zeus finding a vault key and then making his way into a vault, and it'll likely make you insanely jealous. Every piece of gear is either purple or gold. All of it is prime-time loot. Any piece of it would give a player a leg up in the final stretches of a match.


How long will these vaults stay in the game? Your guess is as good as ours. As fun as it would be to find a key and stack your loadout way before every other player, the vaults do seem like they could present a problem as far as balance is concerned. But that could be a short-term concern, and Respawn may have designs on disabling the vaults after players have a few weeks of fun with them. We'll have to wait and see.

We'll be sure to keep you updated should any other Apex Legends Season 3 news pop up. Stay tuned.