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Apex Legends Will Get A Brand New Map In Season 3

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on how wild it is that Apex Legends – which launched in February — is getting a new map before Fortnite, which has been around for years. That's what is happening, though, when Season 3 of Apex Legends rolls around on Oct. 1.


The map is called World's Edge, and we got a look at bits and pieces of it thanks to a video shared by the Apex Legends Twitter account this afternoon.

It's tough to get a grasp on what exactly the new map will bring to the table, though we do see snowy areas and what looks like a train (let us tell you, if there is a moving train on this map, we're one-hundred-percent on board #choochoo). But what exactly the map looks like doesn't matter as much as the fact that it merely exists.


For quite a while now, it looked as though Apex Legends would adopt the Fortnite approach to changing its world. "Oh, someone blew up the repulsor tower and now the map looks different!" It's a strategy that's worked rather well for Fortnite, as Epic has largely managed to keep the same map in place while making small tweaks during seasons and big changes in between them.

The introduction of World's Edge, however, is a pretty big indicator of how Apex plans to keep the game fresh going forward. It's a sign that you maybe shouldn't get too comfortable with that one map and those typical places you've been landing. Respawn might come along next season, flip the table over, and make you learn how to play all over again.

Say what you will about Respawn not adopting the Fortnite schedule of weekly patches and updates; introducing a new map every season or two is definitely not a lazy way to make video games.

Apex Legends Season 3 launches on Oct. 1, bringing the new World's Edge map with it. We'll report back as we learn more about the upcoming season.