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Wasteland 3 release date, gameplay, trailer, and co-op

The original Wasteland was released way back in 1988, and ever since, this top-down, turn-based RPG series (that is responsible for inspiring games like Fallout) has kept and cultivated a loyal fanbase that only continues to grow. Though the original amassed quite the following, it wasn't until 25 years later that a successful Kickstarter campaign led to the production of Wasteland 2. Now Wasteland 3 is in development, and fans of the franchise are feverishly searching for more information about it.

So what can we expect as far as the third game in the series concerned? Here is everything you need to know about the Wasteland 3's release date, gameplay, trailer, and co-op.

When will Wasteland 3 be released?

Though the exact release date still hasn't been revealed, the developers at inXile have assured fans that Wasteland 3 will be released sometime in 2020, giving us even more to be excited about in the coming year. Wasteland 3 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC with possible inclusion on other platforms in the future. As the release date nears, developers will give their loyal fanbase more information, but until then, we'll have to settle for knowing the game arrives sometime next year.

What is the Wasteland 3 gameplay like?

Fans of the franchise can expect the gameplay in Wasteland 3 to be similar to the first two titles in the series, but with a number of enhancements. The top-down turn-based system will still be in effect, giving players an experience much like one you'd find in Diablo. And from the promotional materials that have been released so far, we know that the game will take place in Colorado and contain lot more humor in it than the first two games.

The inclusion of co-op gameplay also means that you'll see not only your influence on the world, but your partner's influence as well. With an environment that can be affected by what you do and an exciting new area to explore, fans will be able to enjoy the gameplay they've come to love from Wasteland with the added benefits of new technology and graphics.

Is there a trailer for Wasteland 3?

The story trailer for Wasteland 3 was released at E3 2019, giving players a more humorous look at what Wasteland 3 has in store for them. This trailer hinted that everything in the game may not be as doom-and-gloom in post-apocalyptic Colorado and gave us an up-close view of some of the characters we'll come into contact with. It also gave off some serious Fallout vibes, making fans that much more excited for the new release.

Another trailer revealed at Gamescom 2019 gave fans a look at a mysterious character simply called, "The Patriarch of Colorado." It appears that, as rangers, players will be working with this man in a joint effort that doesn't sound totally amicable. But despite the mildly threatening tone of this Patriarch, we learn that players will be traversing treacherous landscapes in Colorado, trying to avoid gangs and cults in order to reach their destination.

Will there be co-op for Wasteland 3?

Thanks to the inclucsion of a co-op option in Wasteland 3, gamers will be able to lead their own group of rangers with a friend, allowing both parties to split up and cover more ground. But whatever happens in your gameplay will affect your partner's gameplay as well. So if you progress further in your own game, the changed environment will show up for your partner when you both decide to play together again.

The inclusion of the co-op option is meant to allow players to take advantage of the large and sprawling landscape in a way that isn't quite so overwhelming. It will also allow for more strategy.