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Fortnite: Watch 'The End' Of Season 10 On Oct. 13

Fortnite's action-packed Season 10 is coming to an end this weekend, and at this stage, we have more questions than answers. The one at the top of our minds, though, is this: will Fortnite be ditching its years-old battle royale map for something new?


There's a chance we could find out this Sunday, Oct. 13, when an in-game event called The End is set to kick off.

The End is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. PT and 2 p.m. ET inside Fortnite: Battle Royale, and according to leaks, will transport players to another location so they can watch the events unfold. As far as The End pulling players out of the game in order to give them a front-row seat to something awesome, this isn't uncommon for season-ending and season-starting world events in Fortnite. Players have witnessed all sorts of things, from rocket launches to meteor crashes to the appearance of dimension-altering rifts. We expect more of the same in that regard when The End finally starts up this Saturday.


As for what it'll bring; well, your guess is as good as ours. The smart money is on there being a dramatic change to Fortnite's map, whether that's a new look for the map that's in place or a fresh map coming in to replace the old one. Given the way Fortnite has been nostalgically visiting past locations through rift zones this season, however, it feels an awful lot like the game is saying goodbye to the current map and all of the history tied to it. And maybe that's for the best: you can only remake one map so many times before a new one starts looking like the right move.

We'll definitely have eyes on Fortnite and The End, which is happening inside of it this coming Sunday. Should Epic Games drop some major changes into Fortnite — whether those changes include a new map or other features — we'll let you know.