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Brawlhalla Adds PS4 Cross-Play, Enabling All Platforms To Brawl

Perhaps that news about PlayStation 4 cross-play coming out of "beta" was true, after all. The team behind Brawlhalla just announced today that the free-to-play fighter now supports cross-play on PS4, which means the feature is now live across all of the game's platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

And you know what that means: console war fighting tournament! Whoever wins really does have the best console. We're kidding.

In all honesty, this is great news. Brawlhalla — though it may not be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in stature — does have a dedicated community behind it and a niche to fill (in that it's a free game). Having the largest home console player base on board for cross-play will only help Brawlhalla remain viable as time goes on. Not only that, it could actually help the game reach more players as word spreads that the online player base just got a bump.

Plus, it's actually a decent game. There's a reason we included it as one of the free Nintendo Switch games actually worth playing; you can have plenty of fun in Brawlhalla without spending any money. Should you want the extra goodies, the option is there. But Brawlhalla doesn't severely gimp its free offering like a lot of other free-to-play titles out there. That should earn it some kudos.

From what we've been reading, the Brawlhalla community seems fairly excited about cross-play finally coming to PS4, with players who play on the platform especially happy that they'll no longer be separated from their friends. Such is the dream of cross-play: it tears down the walls that really shouldn't exist in the first place. Hopefully we see more games take the leap soon. Like Destiny 2. Can we get some cross-play in Destiny 2? Please?

Cross-play in the PlayStation 4 version of Brawlhalla should be live now, which means those on PS4 can finally take on all comers from PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you have the game (and some friends on other platforms), you can sign in and give it a try now. And if you don't have Brawlhalla downloaded, it won't cost you a dime to try it out. Why not?