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Avengers: Damage Control Gets New Trailer, Story Details

At long last, we finally have a better idea of what exactly is happening in Avengers: Damage Control, the new VR experience coming to select VOID VR locations later this month. Damage Control drops you straight into the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Avengers: Endgame. But what will you come face to face with in the aftermath of that earth-shattering Avengers film? Thanks to a new trailer for Damage Control that's been released alongside new details about the experience, more questions can now be answered. So let's dive in.


According to the official Avengers: Damage Control website, "Shuri has recruited your team of four to test her latest prototype design, a powerful new suit that combines Wakandan and Stark Industries technologies." So right off the bat, we now know what kind of tech will be powering the suit you're "wearing" inside the game. And not only that, you'll be one of four team members, which makes it sound as though there will be co-op inside Damage Control. Very interesting.

Next up, we're getting more information as to who the main antagonist — or antagonists — are inside Avengers: Damage Control, as it appears "a familiar enemy from the Avengers' past" is after that half-Wakandan, half-Stark suit tech for themselves. The trailer for Damage Control shows off some red cables that look very — how should we put it — Ultron-y in nature. And it appears we'll be battling a lot of A.I. powered robots in the experience itself.


Then we finally get to see it: the hulking monstrosity that is Ultron itself, somehow back from the dead to once again wreak havoc in the MCU. Is this a clue that Ultron has a part to play in future Marvel films? Or is Damage Control resurrecting a past enemy for us to once again destroy because, canon-wise, that's the safest thing to do?

That's a question we can't answer just yet.

We do know that we'll at least have some backup in the form of other Avengers, such as Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, and Wasp, for example. And for those who are all about authenticity, it sounds like we're even getting some vocal performances from the actors behind those characters. Have you ever wanted a short pep talk from Paul Rudd before blasting away at bad guys? Avengers: Damage Control can make that happen for you, granted you live near one of the very few VOID locations the experience will be playable at.

And that is the rub with Damage Control. Based on our own look at the trailer and what we know about Damage Control's story, it seems like the kind of experience a die-hard Marvel fan would love to have. In fact, Marvel is setting it up as though it could be a part of the MCU's canon, and think about that: you, guy or gal reading this on your computer, could have a role to play in the wider MCU story by helping dispatch a threat in between the events of Endgame and the next Avengers film. That is awesome.


Unfortunately, you'll need to visit one of ten VOID VR locations in the United States and Canada in order to play it. These aren't exactly a stone's throw away for most of the population; California, for example, has two locations all to itself. And at $40 a pop, Damage Control may be a little expensive for younger fans of the MCU. This isn't a game that you can purchase, take home, and spend a dozen hours playing, after all. This is a one-shot VR experience that you have to visit a specific location for. That's a tough sell.

In that sense, Avengers: Damage Control is more akin to a theme park ride than the kinds of video games you might be used to, which means you might have to treat it as such. Are you going to be in Anaheim visiting Disneyland anyway? Will a trip to Niagra Falls put you an hour or two outside of Mississauga and Toronto? You could take the opportunity, then, to hit up the VOID locations in those cities and check out Avengers: Damage Control. We wouldn't recommend you travel specifically for this VR experience, though. There's a good chance we could see it come to home VR platforms at some point in the future, and even if it doesn't, we'll likely see other Avengers VR games come into being as time goes on.


We'll be back with more news on Avengers: Damage Control as it breaks, so stay tuned.