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Iron Man VR release date, price, trailer and gameplay

Ever wanted to really feel like Iron Man? Have you wanted a heads-up display as sassy as JARVIS? Soon you'll be able to step into Tony Stark's iron boots and try out the role of Iron Man (or woman, the suit is one size fits all), because Iron Man VR is coming to Playstation VR in order to make all of our superhero dreams come true.

Combined with the PlayStation Move motion controllers, players will be able to punch and laser their way through enemies while flying through the skies. There's no word yet as to whether they can also use these virtual hands to hug their surrogate son Peter Parker, but we have managed to scrape up a few other pieces of information. Here they are.

Is there a trailer for Iron Man VR?

The announcement trailer has players sitting pretty in one of Tony Stark's private jets, chatting with a pink, holographic FRIDAY about how their flight to Shanghai is slower than he would like. Typical Tony. Suddenly, FRIDAY is replaced by a Kylo Ren look-alike who ominously tells Tony that he can't outrun his past. Cue the explosions and our first look at gameplay as Stark suits up, zaps some oncoming attackers, and then tries to make his way back to his damaged aircraft.

What is the release date for Iron Man VR?

We do know that the game will be released in 2019, but an exact date has yet to be announced by PlayStation just yet. It could be that kids will get the gift of being Iron Man come this holiday season, when Sony does its best to get those VR headsets flying off the shelves. We'll let you know when you can become Tony Stark (and wear his awesome suit) as soon as we have the details.

What is the price of Iron Man VR?

PlayStation VR games can retail anywhere from $20 to $40 depending on how much bang you'll get for your buck. We don't know how much of a campaign Iron Man VR will have, or if it is anything more than a short adventure. As long as you don't have to buy the whole of the Playstation VR set up, however, Iron Man VR won't make a big dent in your budget.

What kind of gameplay will you find in Iron Man VR?

From what we've seen from the announcement trailer – keeping "gameplay not final" message at the bottom of the screen in mind — it looks like players will have control over where Iron Man looks and how he moves his hands, but flight will be out of player's control in an on-the-rails style experience. Sorry to everyone who wanted to zip past enemies and find a giant donut to sit on. You won't be that free in Iron Man VR.