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Fortnite: Chapter 2 Leaks On The iOS App Store

Well, what do we have here? We know something major is going to happen in Fortnite this Sunday, as that's when Season 10 wraps up, along with an event that is literally called "The End." Now we may have an idea of what to expect when that "end" arrives: a new version of Fortnite.


Out of the Italian iOS App Store comes the above image: a leak of screenshots from the next iteration of Fortnite, which appears to be called Fortnite: Chapter 2. As you can see, this updated version of Fortnite gets a logo tweak, and features a few characters — essentially the game's mascots — overlooking a new landscape. We can't quite put our finger on where this new area is, which is exciting, because we could be getting our first look at the new map we'll be playing on once Fortnite Season 10 ends and the world... transforms? Disintegrates? Is remolded like clay by a higher power?

In any event, it's suspected by many at this point that Fortnite is getting a new map once Season 10 comes to a close, and we could be seeing a small piece of it here.


The Chapter 2 designation could be referring to far more than the game's map, too. We recently learned that Fortnite will soon introduce computer-controlled bots into Battle Royale, giving lower-skilled players an opportunity to eliminate opponents and improve at the game. In this regard, Chapter 2 could be a change in the way Epic Games approaches Fortnite's development. Rather than cater to the more hardcore players, the game could lean into reaching the widest possible audience in order to grow the player base and, in turn, the game's revenue.

Is this a good idea? There's a live service video game graveyard full of titles that have lost their identities and, ultimately, their lives. We're willing to give Fortnite the benefit of the doubt at this point, though. It's shown it has the ability to weather criticism; not only that, there's a professional player's association now watching to make sure the game doesn't stray too far from its roots.

We'll be back with more Fortnite news as Season 10 ends and the next thing — Season 11, Fortnite: Chapter 2, or whatever — starts up.