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Destiny 2's Newest Exotic Weapon Is Crashing The Game

How good is Divinity, the new exotic trace rifle obtained via the "Garden of Salvation" raid in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? It's literally game breaking, according to a Reddit user who got to feel the gun's immense (and likely unintended) power in the game's Crucible multiplayer mode.


The Reddit user — who goes by the name CptTren — reported to fellow players on r/Destinythegame that they'd encountered another player using Divinity in Destiny 2's competitive Crucible playlist. The player on the other team, which happened to be losing at the time, switched over to using Divinity and, upon firing it, immediately caused Destiny 2 to crash for both themselves and one of CptTren's teammates.

Later on that same day, CptTren reportedly matched up again with that same player, who again equipped Divinity partway through a competitive Crucible match. This time, the opposing player used Divinity and caused Destiny 2 to crash for CptTren.

According to CptTren, "[Divinity] can crash both the user and the person it hits," and, "People are taking advantage of this in comp and using it to kick people from the match."


It sounds wild that simply firing a gun could cause Destiny 2 to crash and burn, doesn't it? And yet Bungie appears to be taking the news very seriously. Bungie community manager Cozmo didn't have much to say on the matter, but what little he did say was enough: "Investigating now. Thanks."

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and the balance update prior to the expansion both appear to have broken a fair amount of weapons and exotic armor pieces. In fact, several pieces of gear were disable entirely prior to the launch of the "Garden of Salvation" raid so World First competitors couldn't exploit them. We imagine that we'll be seeing a Destiny 2 patch at some point in the very near future that not only addresses known issues with weapons and armor, but perhaps fixes up a few other bugs players have been encountering since Shadowkeep's launch.

When such an update might come, we're unsure, but we'll update you once we know more.