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'Rampant Quitters' Can Receive Up To A Year's Suspension From Gears 5

Quitters never win: at least, that's what The Coalition seems to believe, anyway. The studio behind Gears of War has made their opinion on quitters abundantly clear following a tweet clarifying recent practices surrounding quitting Gears 5 matches. According to the studio, players who continually dip out of Gears 5 multiplayer matches can expect a suspension anywhere from a month to even a year for their crimes. 


Why is The Coalition taking quitting so seriously? Frankly, it ruins the game for everyone. Quitting a match effectively leaves your teammates in the lurch, and that's just bad manners, period, and rage quitting is no excuse. In order to ensure that quitters couldn't ruin the game for everyone, The Coalition instituted this rule. Before it was officially announced, however, there was something of a hullabaloo on Reddit following one player posting a message saying that they had been banned for 640 days. That's two whole years. 

Rather than get sympathetic messages, this poster was essentially roasted, saying that the punishment fit the crime–at last there were penalties for those who constantly quit matches out of nowhere. There was, however, some mixed emotions surrounding the idea that there wasn't enough warning given before this punishment was doled out. Cue the tweet, which read in part, "Over the next few hours, impacted users will be un-suspended, but 1 quit away from suspension. You have been warned."


Chronic — or in the words of The Coalition — rampant quitters beware; the devs have taken serious measures against your tactics. Other multiplayer games have similar, if less harsh, penalties for quitting, too. If you leave three matches in a row in Apex Legends, you'll find yourself saddled with a five minute ban. Leave yet another after that and you're looking at ten minutes. This seems paltry compared to Gears 5's new rules; it's clear that The Coalition means business.