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Fortnite: Have Players Deciphered The Meaning Of The Black Hole Numbers?

There is definitely more to "The End" of Fortnite than meets the eye, especially now that the world-changing event has come and gone and left not just a black hole where a video game used to be, but numbers that appear to be some kind of code. What do these numbers mean? What kind of code is waiting to be cracked here?


It seems some players have solved the puzzle.

According to IGN, some of the brainiacs on the Fortnite subreddit have managed to log all of the numbers being shown by the black hole. They are broken up into groups, which read as follows:

  • 11, 146, 15, 62
  • 87, 14, 106, 2, 150
  • 69, 146, 15, 36
  • 2, 176, 8, 160, 65

As it turns out, those numbers can be connected to the words found in the Visitor's audio logs. So by picking out the 11th word in the logs, continuing on to finish that section, and then completing each section in a similar manner, players have assembled a message that is in a word, eerie.

"I was not alone. Others were outside the loop. This was not calculated. The nothing is now inevitable."

If you're getting some real Interstellar vibes here, so are we. There's something funky going on here with space and time, and it has something to do with the black hole and the disappearance of everything we knew prior to "The End." The messages coming out of the black hole could be a sign that there are beings trapped in limbo, essentially, outside the loop of the prior Fortnite timeline but not yet present in a new timeline (hence the "nothing"). But we could see those beings rescued when Fortnite: Chapter 2 kicks off, if they wind up being effectively dumped onto a new map in a new timeline/universe/whatever.


This is all just spitballing at this point. No one seems to have a reliable theory about just what the heck is happening in Fortnite. There is a good chance we could find out tomorrow, though, if not later this week. Stay tuned.