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Postal 4: No Regerts Announced And Launched Today

Yes, it's meant to be spelled that way. Without warning, Running With Scissors has announced and released the fourth iteration in the infamous, controversial Postal series on Steam Early Access. The launch trailer pulls no punches, showing that the Postal Dude is back and ready to relieve his bladder wherever he sees fit. Seriously, the first thing we see is a FPS peeing scene, just so you know what you're getting into. 


Namely what you do in Postal games is cause a little — or a lot of — mayhem. In Postal 4, players are able to explore the town of Edensin and do as they like, playing either as peacefully as they can manage or going, well, postal. The possibilities are endless, but as the Steam description reminds us, violence is always an option. The open world game also features a number of side quests other than the main "errands" that protagonist Postal Guy steadily checks off.

Right now the developers at Running With Scissors have said that the game is in "Janky Alpha State™" and thus only three of Monday's errands are available. In the end, players will have access to Monday through Friday's misdeeds. The game is set to have more errands and interactivity than ever, including one exciting function wherein players can feed the local strays to create a canine army. We're in. 


Postal games have made a name for themselves by being downright outrageous, giving players freedom and encouragement to kill, maim, and urinate on innocent townsfolk. The second title, later disowned by the studio, earned the title of The Worst Game Ever and bans in countries like New Zealand and Australia for the game's abhorrent content, which included ultraviolence, homophobia, sexism; the works. This time around, Running With Scissors has forgone a publisher and is releasing the game itself so as to avoid any attempts at censorship. No regrets.