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Get Yourself A Nintendo Switch For $25 Off (While It Lasts)

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Nintendo games and hardware absolutely hate being on sale. But what's this? A Nintendo Switch — the full, dockable kind — selling at a $25 discount? It sure is. You can find the deal over on Amazon right now. But we're not sure how long it'll stay there.


Getting the deal is pretty easy. All you have to do is visit the Amazon store page for the Nintendo Switch with red and white Joy-Cons. From there, you tick the little check box next to the word "Coupon" below the Switch's price, and then you go through the checkout process as normal. The coupon knocks $25 off of the Switch's $299 price point on Amazon, which means you could put that money toward one of the brand new games that have come out for the system, like Astral Chain or the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Or you could sit on that $25 until Pokemon Sword and Shield come on Nov. 15. Wow, the Switch is having a really great year.

It's totally worth noting that the Nintendo Switch Amazon is selling happens to be the newest revision of the console, which comes in a red box (like the one above) and offers better battery life. So if you're on the go quite a bit and you still want to retain the ability to dock your Switch like a real home console, this is definitely the model you want. Of course, if you could care less about docking and only want to use your Nintendo Switch portably, this version of the Switch shouldn't interest you at all. Instead, you should be looking at the Switch Lite, which is made for travel and only costs $200.


We're not sure how long this Nintendo Switch discount is going to last, so if $25 off sounds good and you're willing to pull the trigger quickly, have at it. That coupon may not be around tomorrow.