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The Fastest PS4 Platinum Trophies That Take No Work At All

There's nothing better than racking up scores of platinum trophies on the PS4 to show off your skills to your friends. But, let's be honest, it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to get platinums for most games. But that doesn't always have to be the case. There are games out there that pride themselves on their fast and easy platinum trophies. You just have to know where to look. And once you've amassed a large collection of platinums, most friends won't scrutinize the list to see just how long it took you to get all of them.


Which is where these easy trophies come into play. If you want to fill out your collection of platinums without having to put in too much work, we've got the perfect solution for you. Here are a list of the fastest PS4 platinum trophies that take no work at all.

Super Destronaut DX is a straightforward road to platinum

For gamers who want to increase the number of platinums they've earned, the task may seem a bit daunting and tedious. But there are actually fun ways to go about filling out your virtual trophy case. If you enjoy the old arcade game Space Invaders and have about 30 minutes to spare, there's an easy platinum just waiting for you. 


The retro arcade-style shooter game Super Destronaut DX is a quick, easy, and enjoyable game that awards players with a platinum trophy at the end of their gameplay. Because the game is self-explanatory, with no intricate puzzles or hidden collectibles, the road to your trophy is straightforward. All you have to do is beat the game through a series of levels. Overall, most people found that it only took them about 30 minutes to claim their reward. Not bad for the eternal glory of a platinum.

36 Fragments of Midnight is ethereal, and quick

When you're trying to amass a collection of platinum trophies, simple games are going to be your best friend. You can smash through them quickly and run up your collection fast. This is why the indie platformer 36 Fragments of Midnight is a perfect game to land a quick platinum while enjoying a few puzzles. 


The puzzles found in 36 Fragments of Midnight are simple, while still challenging players enough to be enjoyable. Guiding a white square through the ethereal and sometimes eerie black and blue environment, you will find yourself solving its mysteries as you move. And once you've collected the 12 trophies available in the game, you'll earn your platinum. With such manageable puzzles and easy gameplay, you can usually get the platinum in about 30 minutes without a guide. Add to that the gorgeous art style of this side-scrolling platformer, and you've got a perfect candidate for an easy platinum.

Little Adventure on the Prairie lets you fight your way to a platinum fast

For gamers who want to earn platinums without necessarily solving a bunch of puzzles, the 2D adventure game Little Adventure on the Prairie is a perfect choice. Forget about hours of solving clues or room after room of collectibles to search for: Little Adventure on the Prairie is simple and straightforward. The game itself only has 12 levels, which means it should take you no time at all to get through them.


In addition to the small number of levels to beat, the game focuses primarily on fighting your way to the end, so puzzling doesn't play a huge part in your success. For those put off by the idea of solving puzzles to earn a trophy, this is a definite plus. The trophies needed to earn your platinum are all self-explanatory and difficult to miss, and the entire thing should only take about 30 minutes to complete. All in all, it's the perfect game for a trophy hunter just looking to fight their way to a platinum.

The Little Acre is both charming and short

The 2016 release of adventure game The Little Acre was met with mostly positive feedback from gamers. And while this game takes a bit more time than some of the other platinums on this list, the enjoyable gameplay makes up for the extra time needed. Taking about an hour to complete, The Little Acre allows players to experience a hand-drawn game with full voice acting. Unlike many other easy-to-beat games, the story and experience in this game are worth the time spent playing it alone. The unique art style that makes it look more like you're watching a cartoon from the '90s rather than playing a video game only adds to the charm of this indie game.


But the fact that you can also get a platinum out of your gameplay experience in about an hour is the cherry on top. And as you unravel the story and make your way through this game, you'll be rewarded with a new platinum addition to your virtual trophy case.

Nubla is both an art lover's paradise and an easy platinum

For gamers who wish they could earn a platinum trophy just by enjoying some art, there's a game for you. Nubla allows you to earn a platinum in around 45 minutes of consistent gameplay. But it's also an enjoyable experience in and of itself, giving it bonus points compared to games that make you grind for your platinum.


Nubla has a unique art style that brings the world of art history to life. Showcasing different painting styles in different artistic periods, Nubla lets you meander through an art gallery and interact with the art. And while there are some puzzle elements, the main focus for earning your platinum will be getting all of the collectibles in the gallery. The collectibles are all easy enough to find and will allow you to focus more on enjoying the experience provided by Nubla. Overall the gameplay is fun and the time and effort to earn your platinum is minimal.

Suicide Guy is much nicer than it sounds

Most of the games that give out easy platinum trophies are pretty straightforward: beat the game. But one game rewards you for dying. And not just dying, but dying in 24 different ways. Suicide Guy is a first-person action-puzzle game that takes place in our protagonist's dreams. Mimicking the idea behind the film Inception, our protagonist needs to wake up from his dream, and the only way to do that is to die. And your end goal in waking up? Making sure that you catch your beer before it slips out of your hand and hits the floor. At least if this game was going to be quirky, it committed to it.


The game itself should only take players an hour to complete, and as long as they can kill themselves in the 24 different levels, they'll take home the platinum. With puzzles that are relatively simple to solve and enjoyable gameplay, playing Suicide Guy in order to build your collection of platinums won't feel like work at all.

Planet of the Eyes is much more burtal than it sounds

For gamers who enjoy simple side-scrollers that require a little trial and error, Planet of the Eyes is the perfect way to earn an easy platinum. Planet of the Eyes looks like a colorful sci-fi version of Playdead Studios' Limbo and Inside. And just like those two games, completing Planet of the Eyes will require a lot of death. Rather than allowing you to work out puzzles as you encounter them, Planet of the Eyes will see your robot protagonist running into dangerous situations, getting himself "killed," and then learning from his mistakes to beat the puzzle on the next runthrough. And while the deaths aren't quite as brutal as Limbo and Inside because you control a robot instead of a little boy, they're still pretty disturbing.


But even with the many deaths you'll likely encounter, you can still earn a platinum for this game in about 40 minutes. Much of this is due to the fact that there are frequent checkpoints, so you won't lose much progress when you die.

Her Majesty's Spiffing is a really weird road to a platinum

The 2016 release of Billy Goat Entertainment's point-and-click title Her Majesty's Spiffing was met with positive feedback. The game has since earned itself something of a cult following for its quirky art style and wry sense of humor. And for the trophy hunter on the lookout for quick and easy platinums, it might just become your new favorite game. The title itself is relatively short, reasonably being beaten in about 45 minutes. This quick playthrough time will allow you to earn the platinum trophy "The Crown Jewels" without too much time lost on the endeavor.


And in addition to your platinum, you'll also get to experience the off-the-wall storyline from this odd indie game. If you were looking for an easy platinum that might also become your new favorite weird game, Her Majesty's Spiffing may just fill that spot for you.

Slyde might have the world's fastest platinum

Though most game completionists take pride in finding every single hidden object and Easter egg in a video game, many trophy hunters would rather have a quick turnaround time to fill up their virtual trophy cases. For the latter group, Slyde is a perfect title. Not only can you complete Slyde in a relatively short amount of time, but the creators of the title also built an exploit into the game itself to allow everyone to get the platinum in about one minute!


Of course, if you'd rather puzzle your way through the entire game, the developers would probably also appreciate that. But for those who just want the honor of getting the platinum without the hassle of actually beating the game, you simply need to start the game on medium difficulty. From there, you can pick any picture and move the tiles around until you have a free space on the top right corner. Once you've completed this, you'll need to enter the code "RRURULULL DRDDRRULULU LDDDRRULULD RDLUUURRR." And just like that, you've earned your platinum trophy in no time at all!

My Name Is Mayo will let you click your way to trophies and condiments

With a title as bizarre as My Name Is Mayo, it only makes sense that this literal point-and-click game would be a bit on the odd side. But for as odd as it is, it also rewards players with an incredibly simple platinum trophy. And by "simple," we mean ridiculously simple. All in all, this game will take about 30 minutes to get through, though none of that 30 minutes will be spent on actual brainpower, just your ability to click on a jar of mayo.


With such a basic mechanic, you may wonder why it would even take 30 minutes to get the platinum. But in an effort to extend the gameplay value of this title, players must switch between various stories in order to get all of the trophies and, ultimately, earn the platinum. If a quick and easy gaming experience was your ultimate goal for earning a platinum, My Name Is Mayo is the perfect game for you. The only risk involved with this particular title is getting a cramp in your clicking finger.