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The Reason Fortnite: Chapter 2 Added Bots

It's hard being late to a phenomenon that's swept the globe. Many players who missed out on the initial hype of Fortnite have found themselves being drawn into the battle royale game with the release of Fortnite: Chapter 2. But if you haven't been playing the game since its release, the prospect of trying to hone your skills while constantly being killed by players who are already experts can deter you from continuing to play. Luckily, Fortnite has found a way to combat this, though people have mixed feelings on the matter.

Fortnite's answer to making the game more accessible? Bots, as in, enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. But why?

Fortnite has had a difficult time holding on to casual players even though the game is still as fun as ever. And you could always make the argument that the hype is just dying down, but the biggest reason is a sense of discouragement casual players have been getting from the battle royale game. If you are someone who came late to the game and is only just starting out in Fortnite, seeing a battleground full of skilled players who have been doing this for years usually means certain death. Casual players haven't even been able to practice their skills and figure out what strategy they like best because they're getting killed before they even hit the ground.

In order to encourage the casual player to stay in the game and keep practicing, Epic Games has implemented bots. These bots look just like real players, but are much easier to kill. And when a player manages to land a kill, their confidence is increased and they're more likely to keep playing the game. It's a simple matter of wanting to give new players a bit of confidence as they figure things out in Fortnite. And as players begin to win, they're gradually put into battles with fewer bots and more human players. Of course, if Epic Games were to label the bots as such, the victories earned by new players wouldn't feel as good and the whole point would be moot, which is why these bots look so much like real players.

No matter which side of the fence you fall on with the bot issue, the fact that Epic Games has found a way to keep a steady fanbase is good news for Fortnite fans everywhere.

A growing number of people have been experiencing Victory Royales since the launch of Chapter 2, and many of these players are quick to emphasize that they've never won a match before. Some have even said that the kills they managed to get during their match seemed too easy (like, killing someone with your pickaxe when they're armed with a shotgun). If you happen to land a few easy kills and perhaps pick up a Victory Royale yourself, it could be thanks to the bots now found in the game. But you could have also killed some human players, too! Try to give yourself a little credit.