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The Worst Locations To Land On The Fortnite: Chapter 2 Map

Fortnite Chapter 2 comes with a whole new map, new locations, and new ways to get yourself killed off early. This redesign presents new challenges and opportunities for players to earn that coveted Victory Royale. Below, we've listed a few places you might consider avoiding if you don't want to get ambushed. These are not the best places to drop if you're really keen on winning, dear players. Be careful.

Don't land in Salty Springs

Salty Springs is a holdover from the previous map, having survived the black hole. This residential area was spat out southeast of Sweaty Sands. It has a vending machine and a couple hidden bunkers, but the good loot is usually found in the attics of the houses there. This means essentially cornering yourself: anyone could follow you up to the top floor and drop you then and there. 

This is also a popular place to land, making it a little too crowded for comfort, especially if you're new to the game. The abundance (or lack thereof) of loot makes Salty Springs a high risk, low reward location.

Don't land in Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park is also a familiar location, but don't let the name fool you: this place can be absolutely unpleasant. Everyone and their grandmother seems to want to land here, making it a location of constant skirmishes as players scurry between houses. Pleasant Park covers a lot of ground with a football field, gas station, and eight whole houses to explore. There is a ton of loot to be found here, but also a ton of enemy players going after said loot. We suggest passing on Pleasant Park unless you feel up to the challenge. 

Don't land in Frenzy Farms

Frenzy Farms is a new, frenzied place where players will find themselves desperately running for cover. The wide-open fields make for a less-than-ideal drop zone for unarmed players. Sure, there's a large farmhouse, and there are barns and other buildings to take cover in. Unfortunately, these are far apart, forcing you to run in the open, which is very dangerous. It looks a whole lot like a country version of Fatal Fields, if that gives you any idea as to how dangerous this innocuous-looking farm really is. Bad at building? Beware the Frenzy Farms.