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Hitman 2 Gets Deathly Serious With Free Halloween Update

Hitman 2 has always centered on murder, a theme that developer IO Interactive explores with a playfulness that sometimes borders on the absurd. Occasionally, the game embraces the harsh nature of Agent 47's work as an assassin, stripping the profession of its veneer of style and decadence. Tomorrow's free Halloween update follows this route, delivering a haunting experience certain to stick with you into the dark hours of the night.


A new trailer provides a look at the themed Escalation Contract. Set in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, the update provides a new creepy aesthetic, complete with pumpkins, skeletons, and flickering lights. Cut like an ad for a slasher film, the trailer shows an individual in the guise of an evil jack-o-lantern performing all sorts of nefarious deeds. It's unclear whether the Agent 47 himself is the masked killer or if ending his rampage is the true objective. Either way, IO Interactive promises that the update will "challenge all of your expectations," implying that, like any good horror movie, you're in for a plot twist or two.

A permanent addition to Hitman 2, the Escalation Contract will be available for free as part of the Starter Pack. Anyone who braves the new content and takes out their targets will receive the Tactical Wetsuit and Bat Shuriken tool.


The new contract is just one aspect of Hitman 2's month-long Halloween roadmap. A new Challenge Pack Bundle for Legacy Pack owners also debuts tomorrow, adding three new Challenge Packs: Master Vampire in Paris, Master Scarecrow in Colorado, and Himmapan Horror in Bangkok. Players have the opportunity to pick up the Modern Sedative Syringe, previously only releaseed as part of a Hitman Bonus Mission. October may be winding down, but there's still lots more Hitman 2 content on the way, including an Elusive Target on October 25, and a Legacy Escalation Bundle on October 31. Happy Hunting.