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The Best Locations To Land On The Fortnite: Chapter 2 Map

Fortnite: Chapter 2's brand new map provides all new ways to win (or die, if you're not careful). Players have already started to note which locations are worth it, and which are... let's say death traps. There a plenty of places to find loot, but some locations are better than others. Here are the best places to land if you're hoping to net yourself a Victory Royale in Fortnite: Chapter 2.

Definitely land at Dirty Docks

Don't knock Dirty Docks. This location is somewhat similar to the old map's Dusty Depot in that there are plenty of wide open spaces where you can find loot (and enemies if you're not careful). And yet, perhaps because of its name, Dirty Docks isn't the most popular drop location, making it a good spot to drop in and get your bearings. There are also a ton of chests scattered throughout the many warehouses, shipping containers, and cranes here. You may just find your key to a Fortnite Victory Royale down by the docks.

Definitely land at Slurpy Swamp

Ever wonder where Slurp Juice comes from? Thanks to the addition of the Slurpy Swamp, now we know. The factory at the center of the swamp isn't the most watertight; Slurp Juice has seeped into the area, making it a sort of healing ground. There are Slurp-filled pools around that allow players to recover their health and shield, not to mention, you'll also find kegs of Slurp Juice just laying around.

If those aren't good enough reasons to hang around in this miraculous Swamp, there are boats nearby for quick escapes. All this makes for a fairly popular drop spot, but the risk in this case is well worth the reward.

Definitely land at Sweaty Sands

Sweaty Sands is a big, beautiful beach location that allows players to make the most of Fortnite: Chapter 2's new features. There are plenty of boats in the bay if you need to make a run for it, but you may not need to: the sheer size of this area allows for multiple teams to drop in and enjoy themselves. There are definitely enough chests to go around (seriously, Sweaty Sands is practically covered with chests). So scour the boardwalk and the beach town's shops. You'll be richly rewarded for your efforts.