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Is Luigi's Mansion 3 Mission Based?

Luigi's Mansion 3 will be released on Halloween this year, and will follow Luigi as he infiltrates a scary hotel and does his best to rid it of otherworldly entities. Developers working on the title have promised even more distinct boss fights than before, and new special moves you can perform with Luigi's vacuum. But as exciting as all of that is, fans still want to know one thing: is Luigi's Mansion 3 mission based?


Unlike previous installments of the game, Luigi's Mansion 3 will not be mission based. Instead, players will unlock different parts of the hotel as they play the game, and this will grant them access to new areas. Players are then free to explore these newly opened areas or backtrack to places they've already been. This more laid back and open world style Nintendo is implementing also gives players the opportunity to customize their gameplay to suit their gaming style.

It will also open up the possibility of exploration throughout the game. Developers have stated that they liked the idea of setting the third game in a hotel because you can predict the layout. Because the room numbering system in a hotel is so structured, if there's a leak in the ceiling of room 202, you know it's coming from the floor of room 302. This concept will drive much of the gameplay, and will encourage players to investigate the many strange things they'll inevitably come across while making their way through the hotel.


With the dozens of new bosses being added to Luigi's Mansion 3, and with the focus on unlocking new areas and exploring, it looks like players will have plenty to do inside Luigi's Mansion 3. Of course, while enjoying the third entry in the Luigi's Mansion series, you'll need to remember to keep your vacuum at the ready. Who knows what you'll run into.