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Battlefield 5 Takes The Fight To The Pacific In Latest Trailer

A new cinematic trailer gives players a taste of the intense action they can expect when Battlefield 5 heads to the Pacific next week. DICE has packed Chapter 5: War in the Pacific with fresh content, including new factions, weapons, vehicles, elites, chapter rewards, and weekly challenges. The expansion also resurrects two of Battlefield's most iconic maps, bringing them to Battlefield 5 with a new twist.


In Chapter 5, you can choose to play as either U.S. Armed Forces or the Imperial Japanese Army. Each faction comes with their own World War 2 military hardware and outfits, allowing you stand out as you fill the role of attacker or defender. From firearms to katanas, you can deploy with a variety of gear. War in the Pacific brings three main weapons to the table: the Type 99 Arisaka military bolt-action rifle for the Recon class, the the Type 100 Japanese SMG for the Medic class, and the M1919A6 medium machine gun for the Support class. Katanas will be available as a Battle Pickup, as will the M2 Flamethrower.

You will have several era-inspired vehicles to choose from, such as the legendary M4 Sherman Tank, Type 97 Tank, LVT and Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks, MB Jeep, Type 95 car, F4U Corsair, and Japanese Zero Fighter. You can make the vehicles more efficient by unlocking Specializations which will include more branches for the new land and air vehicles, providing increased variety.


Chapter 5 will introduce reimagined versions of the Iwo Jima and Wake Island maps. Iwo Jima centers on an all-or-nothing push across the thinner part of the island. Featuring dynamic environments, you'll fight your way across open expanses of beach or through close-quarter mountain tunnels, using plentiful landing boats, aircraft, and tanks to fulfill your objectives. The horseshoe-shaped Wake Island returns in December, emphasizing mobility, Fortifications, and chokepoints across its tropical setting. As you play on both maps, you'll also need to keep an eye on the weather as a devastating Pacific Storm could roll in at any moment.

Battlefield 5 – Chapter 5: War in the Pacific launches on October 31. Head over the official website for a full breakdown of everything the expansion has to offer, including New Elites, Chapter Ranks, and themed challenges.