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How Long Does It Take To Beat MediEvil?

What's old is new again on the PlayStation 4, thanks to today's release of MediEvil, a remake of the 1998 PlayStation title. Many who were around to enjoy the original might be excited for this modern day spin, but those who never played the first MediEvil may be wondering: how long does the game take to beat?


At press time, there is one lone, solitary completion for the MediEvil remake on PlayStation 4, and it comes with a huge caveat: the player who completed the game didn't do a strange campaign run. Rather, they noted that they did the campaign plus a bit of extra stuff along with it. That player recorded a "Main + Extra" completion time of nine hours. So we're guessing that the main story might take an hour or two less than that? Perhaps seven or eight hours is what you're looking at for MediEvil if a straight campaign run is all you're going to do.

And you know what? That's actually not all that far off from the original game on the PlayStation. MediEvil for the PS1 took players approximately six hours to beat, and as far someone doing "Main + Extra" as the player did above in the remake, a run like that in the original took most players an average of seven hours. This makes the remake look like an awfully true recreation of the first title.


Is MediEvil going to be topping the sales charges, blowing every other game out of the water? Probably not. This game is releasing on the same day as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, for crying out loud. Sony likely knew this game wasn't going to be a stunner in the sales department. Instead, it's a PlayStation classic brought forward for nostalgic veterans and new players. With that in mind, you should get plenty out of the game if you loved the original, or if you want to experience a little piece of PlayStation history.

MediEvil is out today on PlayStation 4.