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Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 Is Coming To PC In February

Ready to go back to the 14th century for the 14th time? Romance Of The Three Kingdoms has been around since 1985 (we're talking about the video game, not the Chinese historical novel from the 1300s). Since that time, developer Tecmo Koei has been improving upon and perfecting the formula of the historical strategy series, with Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 being the latest and greatest release. 


Interested in commanding armies, land, and power? You, too, can conquer ancient China on the PC come Feb. 28, 2020. The last time we got to play a Romance game was back in 2016, and though the 13th edition in the long-running series wasn't the best, it certainly served as a good way to introduce new players to the game and get them hooked on the series' addictive formula. 

And hey, It's educational, too! Throughout the game, players work toward recruiting real historical figures to fight for their side. As the strategist in charge, players will assign various generals to a number of tasks, including: running cities, leading armies, and capturing enemy-held land. This is the kind of game where details matter; the kind where you'll need to make sure that all your fiefdoms have enough supplies, because you never know when the enemy might attack.


This new iteration appears to have seriously upped the effort put into the graphics, bringing the Romance games into the 21st century. Having the map spread out in front of you will make you really feel like a general, making tough calls and hopefully smart moves as you make land grabs. The 2019 Tokyo Game Show showed off some impressive-looking gameplay that shows how your units move in real time. So fans of strategy games like Civilization and Total War might want to consider keeping a watch on Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 when it comes out in February. This one could be right up your strategically placed alley.