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The Fastest Way To Level Up In Fortnite: Chapter 2

According to Epic Games, leveling is easier than ever in Fortnite: Chapter 2. At first, the shiny new update seemed to turn the game into a grindfest, and leveling was far too difficult. Epic sent through a well-placed patch, however, and BAM! Now just about everything you do can earn you XP. But what's the fastest way to level up in Fortnite: Chapter 2, you ask? 

If you want to get to Tier 100 and earn that sweet Fusion skin, you should be paying attention to that new Medal Punchcard system. This is a quick, but not always easy way to pile on XP in the game. Each day you'll get the First Match Medal, earned upon dropping into your first game. And from there, you can add even more medals. Surviving for as long as possible, opening chests, eliminating players, and assisting teammates will stack on these medals as you play. And in total, the punchcard can give up to 96,000 XP per day. That adds up.

Obviously, players can double-up and work toward filling out their punchcard while completing missions. Doggedly doing challenges can add up to 540,000 XP per week. Doing the math, it turns out that the challenges alone will propel players to somewhere around Tier 45. The punchcard system could carry you to Tier 60, so if you play regularly and knock out the tasks assigned to you, you'll should get to Tier 100 in no time. 

Play Fortnite smarter, not harder to level up quickly

However, it really comes down to playing as much Fortnite as possible while keeping these XP piling factors in mind. Take advantage of Fortnite's Battle Pass and double your XP, getting in as many matches as possible while double XP is active. Play solo rather than in a team; those elimination medals are really worth a lonely playthrough. And get to know the new map, too, because discovering new, named locations will give players a tidy little bit of XP. 

There are many ways to level up to Tier 100 quickly. You just have to do a little math here and there, and take advantage of the many XP sources the game has to offer.