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How Long Does It Take To Beat Afterparty?

Afterparty, the latest title from Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, released on October 29. Rather than sending you to a spooky island, Afterparty drops you into the bowels of Hell where you'll have to out-drink Satan himself to win your freedom and return to earth. Those familiar with Oxenfree's short campaign may be wondering just how much time they'll get to spend in Afterparty's version of the underworld.


Your first Afterparty playthrough will likely take six to eight hours to complete. Much of your mileage depends on the decisions you make, the speed with which you can solve puzzles and complete quests, and how much time you devote to your exploration of the surprisingly happening hellscape.

Night School Studio has divided the game into several sections. First, you're tasked with reaching the Dark Lord, at which point the game reveals that before you can challenge him, you must collect seals by defeating Hell's monarchs—fallen angels like Lucifer himself. You can't go after these mini-bosses immediately; instead, you'll complete a series of quests before taking on that section's monarch.

Though eight hours may not seem like a lot of time, it's worth noting that, much like OxenfreeAfterparty features a branching storyline. The choices you make inform the directions the plot takes, encouraging you to replay the game two to three times to see all the possible twists and outcomes. This branching story is presented partially through the game's diverse menu of cocktails. These potent mixes unlock different dialogue options, flavoring the way an encounter plays out. Which friend you spend more time playing as—Lola or Milo—also influences the way the story unfolds.


Afterparty is available now for PlayStation 4Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. As with other timed exclusives, Afterparty will come to Steam a year after its Epic release date.