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Nintendo Wants To Bring More 3DS Franchises To Switch

The Nintendo Switch is still a hot seller, nearly two and a half years after its launch. Now it appears poised to supplant the 3DS as Nintendo's preferred home for portable titles. Pokemon is getting a mainline game on the Switch, for instance. And Nintendo has stated that it would like to bring more 3DS franchises to the platform.


The news comes by way of The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki, who tweeted this morning, "Nintendo chief Furukawa said company would make more 3DS franchises available on Switch to convey appeal of [Nintendo Switch] Lite."

It got us thinking: which 3DS properties could we see on the Nintendo Switch in the future? Which franchises — typically reserved for Nintendo handhelds — could Nintendo introduce to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite? We dug into the best selling Nintendo 3DS titles and picked out a few we think could find new life on the Switch.

Tomodachi Life

Let's be real about it: Tomodachi Life needs a sequel. This quirky 2013 title let you fill up a small town with Miis, then guide them on their journey through life. And it sold pretty darn well, too, moving 6.51 million copies at last count. If Nintendo wants to bring a 3DS series to the Switch for the first time, it should start with this one. We want more impromptu rap battles in the town square, Nintendo! Make it happen.


The Mario & Luigi series

We know, we know. Some people love this series and some hate it. But it doesn't look like we're getting any more Paper Mario games, nor does it seem likely we'll ever get something like Super Mario RPG again. So if you want a roleplaying game featuring Nintendo's superstar plumber (and Luigi, too), the Mario & Luigi series is your only option. With the 3DS on the outs, this seems like a franchise that could come to the Switch; that is, if Nintendo can find another developer.


Nintendogs + Cats

Come on, Nintendo. Some of us just want to play with virtual dogs and cats every now and again. Nintendogs + Cats on the Switch would let us live that dream, and thanks to the Switch's ability to display on a TV, we could finally see our furry friends on a larger screen! Nintendogs + Cats sold 3.96 million copies, which should have been enough to warrant a follow up. But we haven't received a new entry in the franchise since 2011. This is one we could see making a comeback on the Switch, if Nintendo truly wants to bring more 3DS experiences to the platform.