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Hideo Kojima Is Already Working On His Next Game

Hideo Kojima is about to give birth — his metaphor, not ours — to Death Stranding in a few days. Now that development for that game is over, he has set his sights on his next project. How does one follow up a juggernaut like Death Stranding? Perhaps with a VR game.

In an interview with Dutch gaming website Gamer.nl, the gaming auteur said that he is already planning his next project. "I've been walking around thinking about a future project for a while now," Kojima said. He admits, however, that he's been under a lot of stress recently, with the Death Stranding World Tour and soon, the worldwide release of this enigmatic title. He compares the pressure he is under to birthing contractions, saying in a very Kojima way, "Even though I embrace that stress, it's sometimes quite painful, like the contractions when giving birth. But the past four years were probably worse, as now I know it'll be over soon. At the same time I'm watching it all from a distance and enjoying myself."

Will Kojima make a VR game?

In this particular interview, Kojima gives no real hint as to what this new project may entail. However, he has previously said that he is very interested in the world of VR. He's been talking about VR being the "key" to game development since back in 2016, but much to his dismay, he hasn't really had the time to give the medium proper consideration. 

Speaking with Rocket Beans Gaming, Kojima said, "I want to do it, definitely, but I don't really have time right now to concentrate on VR. But, the next thing using VR will probably be, maybe not a game, but for art, education, or as a simulator. I think there will be a breakthrough using VR." Death Stranding has already been called a kind of walking simulator, a title that Kojima embraces. Maybe one day we'll see a very artsy VR Kojima experience. 

As for this project he's currently mulling over? We have no idea what that could be. Kojima has said in the past that he will likely produce sequels to Death Stranding in order to establish the new "Stranding" genre he is trying to establish. Perhaps Death Stranding 2 is already in the works before Death Stranding has even released.