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Undertale Dev Is Making Official Music For Pokemon Sword And Shield

Do you remember Undertale? Of course you do. The indie darling had some of the most creative gameplay and memorable songs in recent history, and was lovingly crafted by just one lone developer: Toby Fox. Now Fox has been enlisted to compose some original music for the upcoming games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield


"Hey, I'm finally allowed to announce this: I was asked to compose a track for Pokémon Sword & Shield!" Fox tweeted. "It's a huge honor to be asked to be part of something like this. I hope you enjoy hearing it when the game comes out!"

Followers congratulated him, and fans were more hyped than ever for the Nov. 15 release of the games. Fox is the mastermind behind the ultra-popular, memeable tune Megalovania among other enduring diddies. Perhaps his addition to Sword and Shield will be just as iconic. 

This announcement, as it turns out, isn't all that surprising. Fox has been rubbing elbows with Nintendo developers for a while now. After all, his Sans character received a place of honor in Super Smash Bros Ultimate through the addition of a Sans gunner skin, a huge achievement for a little indie dev. Fox has ties to Game Freak specifically through composing most of the music for their latest RPG, Little Town Hero


Fox clarified that no, he wasn't given the honor of composing the main theme for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but regardless, his work on the soundtrack is a pretty significant achievement. More Westerners than ever seem to be working on the two games, which are based in a fictionalized United Kingdom. The games' art director is James Turner, the first Westerner to ever officially design a Pokemon at Game Freak. 

Did Turner base any new Galar Pokemon on any of Toby Fox's famous Undertale characters? We'll have to wait and see.