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Diablo 4: Everything We Know From BlizzCon

Well, everyone, here's the announcement we've all been waiting for: Diablo 4. According to game director Luis Barriga, "If you're a longtime fan, we think this is the game you've been waiting for." And wow, we've been waiting for a long time with no word and no real confirmation that this game even existed behind closed doors at Blizzard. The wait was worth it, because at BlizzCon's opening ceremony showed off a lot of exciting information regarding the long awaited descent into hell.

Diablo 4's hellish cinematic

Not for the faint of heart, BlizzCon kicked off with an incredible cinematic. It was a dark, bloody and terrifying affair featuring a group of looters raiding an ancient temple or tomb. As Barriga said, "The first thing you will notice is we are going back to the franchise's darker roots. It'll mean blood and gore. It'll mean occult symbols and rituals. More importantly, it'll mean victories are neither clean nor guaranteed."

Attacked by monsters and injured, only three are able to break the seal and enter the sacred — or perhaps sacrilegious — place. There's no coin waiting for them, however; instead, an eerie voice tells them that they've actually come to a gate. It takes the blood of the willing to open it, and the three make the ultimate sacrifice to create a terrifying blood membrane that releases the daughter of hatred, Lilith

The Queen of the Succubi is taking center stage as the villain in Diablo 4. As the mother of deceit and the mistress of betrayal, she appeared in Diablo 2's Pandemonium event and since was only mentioned in whispers. Now, she is back in Sanctuary and ready to raise a little hell.

Diablo 4's classes

We learned right from the developer's mouth that the classes this time around are sorceress, barbarian, and druid. Druid is a new and exciting class that makes use of nature. Druids control lightning and wind, and can skewer things with their big antler headdress. Not to mention, like Druids in World of Warcraft, Diablo Druids will be able to transform into big, berserking bears.

Diablo 4 gameplay: PvP and verticality

In a gameplay trailer, we saw what these classes could get up to in the beautiful, ultra-detailed world that puts Sanctuary front and center. Behold: this isometric series just got a little more 3D, showing that players can climb cliffs and hop off bridges, a historic first for Diablo games. 

Not a first, but still an exciting announcement is the fact that you'll be able to fight fellow players in PvP areas. At BlizzCon, fans will be able to try out a demo of this demonic new chapter, but there is no release date as of yet; in fact, we don't know when Diablo 4 will come out. When it does, though, it's going to be bloody and beautiful.