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Overwatch 2: Will Unlocked Cosmetics Carry Over From Overwatch 1?

At BlizzCon, game director Jeff Kaplan announced Overwatch 2, the next entry in the world of Overwatch. In this new game, we'll finally learn what happens next in the Overwatch lore, meet new heroes, and enjoy brand new game modes and maps. But what about all that time and money we sank into the first game? Don't worry, Kaplan said.


Kaplan announced on the stage, to thunderous applause, that cosmetics will transfer from the first game to the second, stating, "We want to make sure that all Overwatch cosmetics come forward with you into Overwatch 2. So all of your progress matters. Nothing is getting left behind, no one is getting left behind."

He even made specific mention to the elusive Witch Mercy skin, a fan favorite new look for the usually angelic healer Mercy that released during 2016's Halloween Terror event. You will not, as it turns out, lose her or any of your other cosmetics when making the move over to Overwatch 2

Blizzard stated that Overwatch 2 is a "redefined" sequel that doesn't make the first game obsolete. All those new modes and maps? Players who stick with the original Overwatch will also be able to play those alongside Overwatch 2 players. Indeed, there is extensive crossplay between the two titles. So why even get Overwatch 2?


Overwatch 2 will feature some cooperative story modes that will walk players through the story of Overwatch, filling them in on what happens once the gang gets back together. We'll find out through some PvE missions that look just as big and bombastic as the cinematic trailers. Additionally, all your favorite heroes have a new look thanks to engine updates. They're subtle, but significant changes, kind of like the difference between our original Overwatch and this new sequel, Overwatch 2

So fear not: your progression and hard-earned cosmetics are safe when Overwatch 2 is eventually released. We'll keep you up to date on when and where you can hop into this "redefined" sequel.