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Hilarious Glitch In Destiny 2 App Asks Players To Get Kills With Toilets

If you're an avid Destiny 2 player, you're probably used to the types of quests the game sends you on. They're full of things like, "Get Arc Final Blows," or "Complete Public Events." Those logging onto the Destiny 2 Companion App, however, may see something a little bit different.


Reddit user ankitp1090 discovered recently that, when reading the quest steps for Edgewise on their iPhone, the game was making some really strange requests. Rack up 1,000 final blows with ATMs? Get 1,500 kills with toilets? Destiny 2 can sometimes lean into the bizarre; you are playing as space-faring zombies brought back to life by a giant ball in the sky, after all. But as far as we're aware, there are no weaponized commodes in the game that players can use.

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So what's the deal with the quest, then?

It turns out the weird quest steps may have something to do with the way the Destiny 2 Companion App on iOS displays the game's elemental symbols. For some reason, those symbols are not showing up correctly in that version of the app right now. Instead, they're being replaced with emojis. So those looking at quests on their iPhone are seeing ATM emojis and toilet emojis in place of the symbols for Arc, Solar, and Void.


So if you happen to be doing a little pre-game study on your iPhone, checking up on which quests you need to complete, don't be concerned about the symbols you're seeing that ask you to do off-the-wall things. It appears the Destiny 2 Companion App on iOS is just a little glitched at the moment. You didn't miss a patch where toilets were added to the game as weapons. You can't suddenly find and pick up an ATM, though as ankitp1090 says, "Chucking an ATM should kill a couple of dregs lol." The app is just experiencing some hiccups.