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Square Enix Is Working On A New Next-Gen IP

It's by no means an official announcement, but Square Enix couldn't keep it hidden for long. The developer First Development Division is recruiting talent for a "next-generation action game experience that takes a step forward from the existing action game framework." Could this be a new Final Fantasy? A new Kingdom Hearts? Maybe. But more likely than not, it's a brand spanking new IP. 


Here's what we know: the First Development Division is the powerhouse behind the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XIII, and the remastered Romancing SaGa games. Apparently, the idea behind this unannounced title is that it's home will be on high-definition consoles, which many fans are taking to mean next generation. We'll likely hear more news about this mysterious new title before the Playstation 5 is released in Holiday 2020 and Xbox's Project Scarlett happens... whenever. But when the First Development Division takes on a project, it's sure to be a hit. So it's worth watching.

And according to a translation of the recruitment page, the First Development Division is looking for all kinds of developers, seeking out "Experts from various specialized fields with experience in developing 'AAA class' titles from all over the world, not only in Japan." Now that's some promising news. Whatever Square Enix is keeping on the downlow, it's probably pretty big. Triple-A big. A potential worldwide hit. 


We hope, anyway. While Square Enix titles rarely flop, they are infamous for taking a long, long, long time to develop. We waited for Kingdom Hearts 3 for 15 years. That's long enough for new fans to be born, grow up with the previous titles, and then wait eagerly for the new one to release. It could very well be that we won't see hide nor long, flowing hair (we've always been jealous of Sephiroth's long locks) of this mysterious, AAA, next-gen IP for years and years to come. 

Whenever more news develops on Square Enix's new project, we'll be here to fill you in on all the details.