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Payday 2 Is Back With New Border Crossing Heist

Towards the end of October, Swedish developer Starbreeze shared their plans to resume development on Payday 2 as part of their efforts to recover from financial disaster. The company has followed through on that strategy, announcing Payday 2: Silk Road, the first DLC release in almost a year.


Details on Payday 2: Silk Road remain scarce; however, a fresh trailer offers a taste of the content to come. A new mission titled Border Crossing Heist will debut later this week, transporting players to a bleak, desert landscape somewhere in Mexico, making it the only heist set out of the United States. In addition to kicking off the new run of DLC, Border Crossing also marks the first Payday 2 mission to run parallel to another heist: Hell's Island.

According to cannon, half of the Payday gang went to rescue Bain from a Murkywater prison during the Hell's Island heist while the rest traveled to Mexico to meet Locke and destroy Murkywater's resources. This double-pronged attack will deal a blow Locke's former employer won't soon recover from. Though Sangres, Sydney, Sokol and Clover completed the Border Cross Heist in the official lore, you'll be free to play as whoever you like during the actual mission.


Payday 2 released back in August 2013 to positive reviews. IGN awarded the game an 8/10, calling it "a deep, addictive co-op shooter" held back by an occasionally sloppy presentation and an embarrassing offline single-play experience. PC Gamer reached a similar conclusion. "Smart co-op shooting slightly undermined by poor stealth mechanics and dogged insistence on withholding the best toys," summarized reviewer Craig Owens.

Starbreeze has promised more information about Payday 2: Silk Road tomorrow. The Border Crossing Heist goes live on Thursday, November 7. If you'd like to get up-to-date before tackling the new content, you can purchase all the DLC released up to December 2018 as part of the Payday 2: Legacy Collection.