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Pokemon Sword & Shield's Galarian Mr. Mime Has A Mustache

Another day, another Pokemon leak. This time, however, we bring you official news from the Galar region. A Japanese-only (so far) trailer released today reveals two new Pokemon featured in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: a spooky, runic Pokemon; and Mr. Mime with an all new look. Namely, this updated Mr. Mime has a pretty sweet mustache. 


If you looked into the leaks last week, it's likely you already knew about Mr. Mime's Galarian makeover and the mysterious new Pokemon. According to the leak, the unnamed Pokemon in the trailer is the evolved form of a Galarian Yamask called Runerigus. If these leaks are to be believed, the Mr. Mime from the trailer is not actually a Mr. Mime; rather, it is a new, evolved form of Mr. Mime called Mr. Rime. Mr. Rime sports a suave bowler hat and a cane made of ice. The leak indicates that Mr. Rime is an ice type, which the trailer all but seems to confirm, as the new Pokemon smiles and waves at the camera with a snowy locale in the background.

Which Pokemon are in Sword and Shield?

So far, it looks like there are 18 Galarian forms and 81 new species in the Galar region. The games have already gained some controversy for excluding nearly half of the PokeDex; only certain Pokemon will be able to be imported into the Galar region. This means that some fan favorite Pokemon won't be available in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. Namely, fans are upset that Charmander, but not Bulbasaur or Squirtle, will be making the trip to jolly old Galar. Charizard gets all the cool forms. No fair. 


When it comes to the shiny new Pokemon that natively populate the Galar region, not everyone is impressed. This disappointment with the region's offerings has only served to fan the flames of controversy surrounding the exclusion of so many Pokemon. It's rumored that this is why the Pokemon Company canceled its launch event in Tokyo. Sorry, Mr. Rime: not everyone thinks your mustache is cool. 

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launches, sans certain Pokemon, Nov. 15.