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Things Keep Getting Worse For FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis may be the most famous ex-Fortnite player in the world right now, after being banned from the game for using an aimbot. The ban means he can no longer partake in the title that made him boatloads of money as a content creator. But the hits just keep on coming. Now he's had to move out of FaZe Clan's $11 million Hollywood mansion so that he can, in his words, "reflect on what's most important" in life.


"I know how important it is to set a good example for everybody who watches my videos and I've just been taking a lot of time to reflect on everything," Jarvis said. "Taking a break isn't going to be easy but I know it's the right thing. I'm heading back home for a bit to be with my family and reflect on what's most important to me in life and where I want to go next."

All of this because Jarvis thought it would be funny to cheat in a pick-up match of Fortnite. Kind of wild, isn't it?

There's no indication as to when Jarvis might return to the United States and rejoin FaZe Clan. Jarvis competes in both CS:GO and Call of Duty, as well, so it's not as though his competitive gaming career is over. But as far as Fortnite is concerned, that entire aspect of his livelihood — both streaming and competing — is done.


If all of the above sounds like jibberish to you, fear not: we'll explain a bit more about what exactly Jarvis did to get banned in the first place below.

So what did FaZe Jarvis do wrong, exactly?

If you're unfamiliar with video game lingo, we can boil it down to this: basically, FaZe Jarvis used a piece of software that turned him into a Fortnite god. This software, called an "aimbot," helps players quickly snap their aim onto an opponents head without having to try all that hard. And if you're using one, you have a distinct advantage over every other player in the match.


Usually, the reason a player might use an aimbot is because they're not on the pro level, and they want to feel what it's like to rack up two or three headshots in rapid succession. Jarvis, despite being a professional player for FaZe Clan, decided to use one anyway. Not only that, he did it while on stream, and admitted to doing so. Maybe not the best choice to make when that game you're cheating in helps bring in the majority of your income.

Unsurprisingly, Epic Games banned Jarvis permanently from Fortnite, apparently attempting to set an example for future cheaters out there. In Epic's eyes, it doesn't matter who you are, which clan you play competitively for, or how popular your YouTube channel is: if you cheat in Fortnite, you're going to suffer the consequences. It looks like Jarvis underestimated how seriously Epic would take the infraction, and what kind of impact a ban would have on his life.


Hopefully, the next Fortnite player who thinks about cheating will reconsider.

Some are mixed on Jarvis' ban

While some are pleased with Epic's decision to perma-ban FaZe Jarvis from Fortnite, we'd be lying if we said he didn't have some supporters. And those supporters? Well, they're taking some positions that you might find surprising.


One such ally who's come to Jarvis' defense is Ninja, who argued that, because Jarvis makes his living from Fortnite – unlike "some kid who is just a piece of sh–" — he shouldn't be punished as harshly.

"There's a difference between a content creator who has millions of subscribers, who then gets banned from what makes him money, and some kid who is just a piece of sh– who has zero followers, zero money from gaming and hacks," Ninja said during a recent stream. "You ban that kid and nothing happen to him. Nothing happens. [...] You ban Jarvis, it's different."

And Ninja didn't stop there. In another recent stream, the popular Fortnite player pitched out some ideas for how Jarvis could potentially get around his ban.


"There's got to be some kind of punishment other than being banned," Ninja said. "Community service. I don't know. Maybe a fine, too."

We're not sure how much success this brainstorming session will have with the folks at Epic Games, who seem pretty intent on keeping Jarvis' ban intact. But who knows: maybe Ninja has enough sway with the company to hook Jarvis up with a shortened suspension.

Should we hear more about FaZe Jarvis' Fortnite fate, we'll be sure to update you.