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Gylt Trailer Shows Off Dark Atmosphere Of Stadia's Only Launch Exclusive

A new trailer provides a look at Gylt, the survival horror title that will serve as Google Stadia's lone launch exclusive.

Gylt places you in the role of Sally, a young girl hunting for her missing cousin. The action unfolds in a melancholy town, as horror games often do. Sally uses flashlights and fire extinguishers to take  on the waking nightmares that haunt the shadowed streets. Like a warped version of a Pixar film, the game's atmosphere and mechanics will likely strike familiar notes with fans of Alan Wake and the Silent Hill series.


Despite the Pixar-esque graphics, Gylt promises to deliver a dark and twisted experience, one that earned it a Teen rating from the ESRB. As you can see from the trailer, the game feeds your sense of dread as you guide Sally through increasingly tense sequences populated by bizarre and downright disturbing monsters (see: eyeball tentacles).

An indie project created by Madrid-based Tequila Works, Gylt's exclusivity will be a nice bonus for early adopters of Stadia, though it's hardly a system seller. Based on an interview with studio co-founder Raúl Rubio Munárriz, Gylt will likely venture onto other platforms in the future. The game shows a lot of promise; however, it's surprising that Google doesn't have one or two exclusives with bigger names to help push their service.


Tequila Works showed off Gylt's gameplay during Gamescom this year, highlighting its stealth mechanics and dark themes. Sally faces down the monsters, which, it turns out, are physical manifestations of her own fears and trauma (sound familiar Silent Hill fans?), using a variety of tools. You get a look at the dominant role of the flashlight, used both as a method of navigation and a weapon capable of destroying the creatures in her path. This mechanic represents Sally facing her fears, one of many symbolic features present in Gylt's narrative.

Gylt launches alongside Google Stadia on November 19.