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Smash Ultimate Players Add Mai To The Game Unofficially

You likely know the story by now. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate recently added Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard to the roster as a DLC character. But Mai, another character from the Fatal Fury franchise, wasn't added due to her suggestive attire. Some fans took the news in stride. Others, however, worked to put Mai into the game, anyway.


The results are fairly impressive, and show that you can't really keep Smash players from getting what they want.

The team at Automaton Media, for example, assembled a collection of player-created Mii fighters who were built to look like Mai. And some players even went further, building Mai into stages. Take a look at the tweet below and try not to be astonished at the ingenuity.

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, famously said that Mai was excluded because the game "is for good boys and girls of many different ages." And we get it: her clothing is a little revealing. Smash had to keep its rating intact, and properly paying homage to Mai might have put that rating in jeopardy. But if video game history has taught us anything, it's that players will break down every single obstacle in front of them to prove a point. The point they're trying to make here, it seems, is that you can't have Terry Bogard without Mai. So now Mai is in Smash. Unofficially, yes. But she's there.


With regard to Mai, we'll undoubtedly see more creativity out of the Smash community as time goes on. It's Mii fighters and tribute stages now, but who knows what the future holds! Perhaps someone will attempt to mod a Mai character into the game, or maybe, just maybe, Sakurai and his team will find a way to add a more family-friendly version of the Fatal Fury character to Smash.

Should more news break on the matter, we'll fill you in.