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Red Dead Redemption 2 Update Will Fix Some Of Its Many PC Problems

The much anticipated PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 was marred by some serious technical issues. Players were excited to experience the game and its beautiful, immersive world as never before with the power of discrete graphics cards. Yeah, we wanted to see every bead of sweat on Arthur's brow, so what? Rather than running like a dream, however, the PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 saw rampant crashes and a seriously irritating stuttering issue. At last, Rockstar has announced an update that will fix some of the Wild West adventure's many woes on PC. 


In an announcement today, Rockstar said, "We will be rolling out an update to the game today which will address the stuttering issue alongside a host of other fixes." It has already handled many glitches in the system, like the crashing conundrum, but the stuttering issue proved to be a tough problem to solve. Rockstar discovered that it had something to do with "unforeseen issues" with Nvidia graphics drivers, among other things. 

Rockstar also does not guarantee that everything will magically be made better today. The devs are still working with Nvidia to make sure they have truly found the culprit behind the stuttering problems, for instance. So if your game is still imperfect, you're encouraged to visit the Red Dead for PC troubleshooting page


But even if your playthrough on PC was pristine, Rockstar is offering a free care package that "includes the Prieto Poncho and an assortment of provisions and ammo" this week and up through the holiday season. 

The devs probably feel pretty bad for this blunder after hyping up the PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2. They offered a ludicrous amount of in-game goodies for those who pre-ordered the game, after all. There's nothing more annoying than pre-ordering a game, patiently waiting for release, clicking play, and then watching as it crashes and burns.

We'll have more for you as it comes.