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The One Grand Theft Auto Mission We Still Hate

If you hear the phrase "launch the Red Baron" and cringe, chances are you're a Grand Theft Auto fan. Even though Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released back in 2004, players still can't get over how genuinely awful one particular mission was. And, to this day, it's the one Grand Theft Auto mission we still hate. In fact, most fans of the franchise wish they'd never taken on any of the Zero missions at all, though Supply Lines takes the crown.


After helping your friend Zero down from a peg in his closet where his enemy Berkley decided to hang him by his underwear, you, as protagonist CJ, advise Zero to exact his revenge. Apparently to the shop owner this translates into taking out Berkley's delivery vans and couriers with the RC Baron, a miniature remote-controlled airplane. 

The plane in question isn't the most durable aircraft and since the men driving the vans and riding the bikes are armed, it's easy to be shot out of the sky by Berkley's thugs. Add the fact you have a limited amount of both time and fuel and you have the makings of a truly annoying mission. 

In the original iteration of Supply Lines, the RC Baron would lose fuel even when you were simply gliding and not accelerating. This made completing the mission almost impossible. It seems Rockstar realized this because they later patched the mission so fuel was only used when accelerating. They even gave the plane more fuel at the outset to try and make the mission less grating. 


Even with these changes, Supply Lines remains one of the most hated Grand Theft Auto missions of all time. Though Wrong Side of the Tracks is a close second on our list of terrible missions, it doesn't quite compare to the maddening feeling of trying to shoot full-sized vans filled with armed thugs using a dinky toy plane.