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Jurassic Park Evolution Goes Back To The Beginning In December DLC

Jurassic Park Evolution allows you to use cutting edge technology to create your very own, mostly functioning theme park filled with living, breathing dinosaurs. Come Dec. 10, the park management game will be layering on the nostalgia and taking things back to basics by returning to the park that started it all.


In a new DLC called Return to Jurassic Park, players will be restoring John Hammond's original park from the films, and there will be seven new story missions that pick up right where the first film left off. After a not-so-accidental power outage, the big bad carnivores in the park wreaked some serious havoc and munched on a worker or two. Forget about what a disaster this was for park PR: you have some cleaning up to do. But don't worry, you're not alone. 

Sam Neil, Laura Dern, and fan favorite Jeff Goldblum are returning to reprise their roles as Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Ian Malcolm. They have some valuable first-hand experience as to what can go horribly wrong in a theme park filled with dinosaurs. Still not nostalgic enough for you? Developer Frontier is adding in some elements ripped straight from the 1993 film that started it all. Along with new dinosaurs like the tiny-but-mighty Compsognathus and the flapping Pteranodon, the Velociraptor and T-Rex will receive legacy skins based on their film counterparts. What's more is that players will have the option of opting for a more low tech UI with a 1993-inspired overlay and inventory. Cue the dial-up screech. 


The trailer showcases some scenes plucked straight from Jurassic Park, giving players a glimpse at some of the old school buildings they'll be able to construct. This includes, of course, the iconic gate that ushered in starstruck guests before, you know, disaster struck. 

Return to Jurassic Park will release on Dec. 10 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.