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The Outer Worlds DLC Could Be In The Works

Obsidian has been a bit busy lately. Following the huge success of its space-faring adventure, The Outer Worlds, the developer is apparently working on several different projects. One of them just might be DLC for The Outer Worlds, if we're reading Obsidian studio head Feargus Urquhart the right way. 


"People are obviously loving Outer Worlds and we made it because we love it," Urquhart said in an interview with Eurogamer, "so now we get to keep on doing things to help support [it]."

While this isn't exactly a clear indicator of DLC, it seems to hint that there is more to come for the crew of The Unreliable.

Players would certain welcome more time in the crazy, capitalistic world in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The Outer Worlds has received almost universal praise, with many players being blown away by its inventive dialogue and engrossing gameplay. There's just one thing that didn't quite sit well with us: for a fully-fledged RPG, The Outer Worlds feels rather brief. It takes roughly 20 hours to get through the main campaign. We could've definitely spent more time exploring the game's vast planets and its wacky, alien wilderness. 


We've mentioned before that The Outer Worlds is perfectly poised to have some DLC tacked on. New areas could come in the form of newly discovered planets. There are, in fact, several planets that players have yet to access in the main game. Perhaps a DLC could add in a way to access these dangerous gas giants. Obsidian, we're sure, has some ideas as to what's next for The Outer Worlds – maybe a sequel one day — and we'd sure like to hear about them. 

We'll be here to let you know when there is official word as to what comes next for The Outer Worlds, and what those "one to forty" RPGs the devs are currently working on really are.