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The One Mario Level We Still Hate

It's difficult to put the words "Mario" and "hate" in the same sentence, especially since the series played a key role in fostering many peoples' love of gaming. But that doesn't mean our favorite plumber is always above reproach. As much as we love mostĀ things Mario, there are a few levels in the history of the franchise that make us angry to this day. From the hours spent staring at yet another "Game Over" screen, there's one hated level that stands out from the rest.


Some gamers have fond memories of the "Hazy Maze Cave" level's unique layout, the debut of the Metal Cap, and the appearance of Loch Ness-like sea monster Dorrie, but that's likely due to nostalgia. If you actually go back and play "Hazy Maze Cave" today, you'll recall just how frustrating it is.

The fact that much of the level takes place in a maze is already the perfect set up for frustrating gameplay. You'll spend most of your time getting lost, backtracking, and going in circles. On top of that, you must contend with the added difficulty of falling boulders and pesky toxic gas that won't leave you alone. Not only are you trying to solve puzzles and get all of the stars, but you're also trying not to die from a slow and steady intake of toxins in the air.


Using the Metal Cap can help Mario survive the toxic clouds around him but even this advantage fails to make the level more bearable. The introduction of Dorrie to the franchise and the unique take on the classic Mario music are two good things that came from "Hazy Maze Cave" but, other than that, it's mostly just left us traumatized with a deep hatred for maze levels everywhere.