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Pokemon Sword & Shield Modders Are Trying To Add Excluded Pokemon Themselves

Pokemon Sword and Shield caught a lot of flack prior to release, as players discovered many of their favorite Pokemon wouldn't be making the journey to the Galar region. While most of that ill will has subsided as players have actually gotten their hands on the games, at least one trainer is intent on rounding out the collection of Pokemon in the two titles.


Meet Twitter user @SciresM, who has been working to include the omitted Omastar in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

According to @SciresM, the Yamper this Omastar replaced is apparently "still in the game with this edit." Instead of completely wiping out the other Pokemon, the modder apparently just made and edited a copy, which explains why Omastar is rocking Yamper's move set. Still, this is a rather interesting turn of events, isn't it? In just a few days time, someone was able to mod a cut Pokemon into Sword and Shield, and do so in a fairly good-looking way. We'll undoubtedly see more of these mods as time goes on.


If you're wondering how to do this yourself, though, here's the honest truth: we have no idea.

@SciresM appears to have used a program called PKHeX, which is a Pokemon save file editor, to make the magic happen. But we're not quite sure where the modder got the Omastar model from, nor how they got the creature animated. Further, we're not sure how Nintendo is going to feel about this save file manipulation, or what hell might be unleashed if you tried to trade a hacked Pokemon with another player. This looks like high-level stuff, so if you don't know what you're doing, it's probably best to not partake in the fun. You might break something — either your game or your Switch — and Nintendo probably won't have a lot of pity for you in that case.

We'll update you should more progress be made on the Sword and Shield modding front.