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Switch Is Getting A Weird Mech Fishing Game (And A Fishing Rod Accessory)

Leave it to Bandai Namco to trot out the strange stuff. Bakutsuri Hunters is a new Nintendo Switch fishing game that's coming out — for the time being — in Japan. But we're going to do everything in our power to pray for a stateside release. Because... well, just look at it.


This is not Bass Pro whatever. It will not be your duty to stand in a small creek for hours on end, hoping that a large enough fish comes along to meet the level requirements (sorry, we were talking about video game fishing, not the more boring kind). The fish in Bakutsuri Hunters are not trout: they're sharks. And those sharks are not normal sharks: they're mech sharks.

Right? Sounds pretty good? It gets better.

The Nintendo Switch has Joy-Cons that are, rather conveniently, capable of detecting motion while also providing haptic feedback. So it only makes sense that Bakutsuri Hunters would gets its own fishing rod accessory, which a Joy-Con snaps into for the most realistic mech shark hunting possible.


And there's even more. The game will reportedly come with lures that you can scan using a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, presumably so you can switch to lure the right kind of machine shark to your hook. Different lures for the mech sharks. Different lures. This might end up being one of the deeper fishing games we've ever seen, and again, this is not a simulation. Because the fish are sharks. Mech sharks.

Bakutsuri Hunters arrives for Japanese Nintendo Switch owners on Dec. 7. But again, we really, really hope that we see this game on Western retail shelves at some point in the future. Imagine if Pokemon had been left in Japan. That would've been a travesty, right? That shouldn't be allowed to happen to Bakutsuri Hunters, Bandai Namco. Do what you must.