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Lost Ember Is Out Today On PS4

You might remember this gorgeous, exploratory game from E3, but now you can do more than just watch Lost Ember's awesome trailer. The game is out today for PlayStation 4, ready for players who want to explore their wild side. 


Lost Ember follows a wolf with the ability to possess the bodies of other animals. Players can fly on the wings of a hummingbird, swim as a trout, and deftly hop around mountain tops as a goat. It's pretty cool, but there is a story Lost Ember tells, as well. Throughout the haunting release trailer, we can see glimpses of a human civilization that has fallen into ruin. The last vestige of this is a small spark — a lost ember if you will — that follows the wolf as a kind of spirit companion as it both attempts to discover what tragedy befell these people, and locate the City of Light.

Lost Ember took Mooneye Studios a bit longer to develop than expected. The game has been in production for five years now, but boasts a plethora of animals that players can possess; we're talking parrots, bison, and even those cute marsupials called wombats. Each animal is suited to certain tasks and biomes, and there are many, many biomes to navigate your way through in Lost Ember: from Breath of the Wild-esque fields to deserts to raging rivers. 


Reviewers have warned, however, that this isn't the best game for fans of action. Lost Ember is a soothing, almost lonely kind of walking sim with no enemies to speak of or other worries. Your wolf doesn't need to eat or drink or heal: It just needs to walk on and on toward the City of Light. For some, this single-minded mission might be dull, but if you're a fan of beautiful, breathtaking visuals, then look no further. Lost Ember is a gorgeous game, even if its gameplay comes across as shallow. 

Lost Ember launches today, Nov. 22, on the PlayStation 4.