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Dead Or Alive 6 DLC Adds Rachel From Ninja Gaiden

The next fighter to kick some butt (or get her butt kicked) in Dead or Alive 6 is Rachel, a no-nonsense huntress from Ninja Gaiden. She's tall, blonde, and wears a lot of leather, so of course it makes sense for her to find her way into a Dead or Alive game. The series is famous, or rather infamous, for scantily clad women kicking the snot out of each other. 


Team Ninja announced the DLC at Dead or Alive Festival 2019, an event that celebrates all things Dead or Alive and plays host to some intense tournaments. The devs added that Rachel would make her Dead or Alive debut with a variety of costumes to choose from, including but not limited to: Happy Wedding Costume, Pirates of the 7 Seas Costume, Seaside Eden Costume, Summer Breeze Collection, and Santa Bikini. We'll leave those designs up to your imagination. 

Rachel's return came with a trailer showing off some of her moves. Those thigh high leather boots can deliver some brutal kicks. She's unafraid to really grind her heel into her enemies. Yikes. This is to say nothing of the fact Rachel has powers. In the Ninja Gaiden games, Rachel and her twin sister, Alma, are afflicted with a blood curse that will eventually turn them into fiends. In the meantime, Rachel has enhanced strength and the ability to cast a spell or two. She's not speedy, but when she gets her hands on you, she's devastatingly strong. 


Rachel comes to to Dead or Alive 6 sometime in December. In the meantime, Team Ninja was quick to remind players Mai from Fatal Fury is indeed featured in their game, even if Sakurai deemed her inappropriate for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If there's one thing the Dead or Alive games do, it's embrace the more ... bodacious characters out there.