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How Long Does It Take To Beat Shenmue 3?

After building a cult following for years and launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, the long anticipated Shenmue 3 is finally available. The action-adventure game focuses on Ryo Hazuki and his search for his father's killer, but while the story itself covers a lot of ground, creator Yu Suzuki has said that the third title in the series doesn't even get us halfway through Ryu's journey. There's a lot left for fans to anticipate in terms of future titles. But how long does it take to beat Shenmue 3, the game that's out now? 


For most people, playing Shenmue 3 will take about 25.5 hours, according to average player times from the site How Long to Beat. Of course, this only takes into account the main story and doesn't include any extras. If you decide you'd like to take on extra side missions as well as completing the main story, you're looking at closer to 37.5 hours of gameplay. This should get most players through all of the extra content and optional side quests. For the ambitious players who want to complete the entire game, the side missions, and get all of the possible achievements, your playthrough is going to take somewhere around 54.5 hours. This should allow you to earn that coveted title of completionist so you can brag to all of your friends as you show off your virtual trophy cabinet. 


The game takes a bit longer to complete than most in the genre because Yu Suzuki has stayed true to the feel of the previous two titles in the series. Shenmue 3 is not a fast-paced adventure. Instead, the game encourages players to participate in the day-to-day routine of Ryo. Interaction with citizens is encouraged and ultimately pays off with leads and clues being dropped in otherwise random bits of dialogue. The player who takes their time to enjoy the world Suzuki built will be rewarded with an easier time achieving a completionist runthrough. 

Shenmue 3 was released on Nov. 19, 2019.